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Incentives & Taxes

Taylor County, Georgia, offers a customizable package of incentives for potential relocating and expanding businesses to encourage investment and job creation. Additionally, Georgia offers an extensive menu of statewide tax credits.

State Incentives

  • Job Tax Credit - $4,000 per job each year, minimum two (2) net new full-time jobs (Taylor County is a Tier 1 community).
  • Port Job Tax Credit Bonus –$1,250 per job added to the job tax credit for a 10% increase in port activity out of a Georgia port.
  • Quality Jobs Tax Credit –$2,500-$5,000 per job tax credit available to companies that create at least 50 jobs in a 24-month period at wages at least 10% higher than the county average.
  • Retraining Tax Credit for Implementing New Technology – calculated at 50% of the employer’s direct costs, up to $500 per employee per approved retraining program per year. The total amount of credit for one employee cannot exceed $1,250 per year. Training programs must be approved by the Technical College System of Georgia.
  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit – Federal tax credit of $1,200 to $9,600 per hire to Georgia companies that hire workers who have faced certain barriers to employment.
  • Investment Tax Credit – Up to 8% of qualified capital investment of $50,000 or more for manufacturers or telecommunications companies that have operated in Georgia for at least 3 years.
  • Mega Project Tax Credit – Available to businesses that employ at least 1,800 “net new” employees and have either a minimum annual payroll of $150 million or make a minimum $450 million investment in Georgia.
  • Research and Development Tax Credit – Available to companies that spend more on qualified research in Georgia; credit is up to 10% of that spending increase.
  • Premium Tax Credit – credit against the annual premium tax applied to insurance companies in the state. In Taylor County, an insurance company must create five net new jobs to qualify for the credit.
  • Child Care Tax Credit – 100% of the cost of construction for employers who purchase or build a qualified child care facility for employees, or 75% of the employer’s cost for sponsoring employee child care at a state-licensed facility.
  • Parolee Tax Credit – $2,500 per person tax credit for hiring an individual granted parole within 12 months of his/her date of hire.
  • Film, Television and Digital Entertainment Tax Credit – Up to 30% of money spent on production and post-production in Georgia, minimum spending amount $500,000.
  • Musical Tax Credit – Up to 20% on qualified production expenditures, minimum spend $500,000 for musical or theatrical performances, $250,000 for synchronized recorded musical performance, and $100,000 for any other recorded musical performance.
  • Small Business Credit Initiative – designed for small business lending through banks offering 50% guarantees on loans up to $400,000 and a loan participation program using SSBCI funds to purchase up to 25% of a loan originated by a participating lender to small business borrowers.
  • Angel Investor Tax Credit - For qualified investors who invest in certain qualified businesses in Georgia; the credit is 35% of the investment with an individual investor cap of $50,000 per year, claimed two years after the investment is made.
  • Quick Start training for employees at no cost to qualified businesses.

Local Incentives

  • Streamlined regulatory procedures
  • One-stop fast-track permitting
  • Customized incentives to meet business needs
  • Aggressive applications for all state and federal funding opportunities
  • Affordable Industrial Park land and building
  • Discounts on land and building depending on number of jobs created
  • Local tax incentives with bonds or lease
  • Regional team of professionals to make project move quickly and smoothly

Click here for more information on state tax credits for investment, retraining, ports, etc. For information about local incentives, please contact Nicole Acree with Taylor County Economic Development at (478) 862-9622, tcdev@pstel.net.


  • Corporate Income Tax – Georgia’s low corporate tax rate of 6%; single factor apportionment formula applies the corporate tax rate only to gross receipts or sales in Georgia, significantly reducing the tax rate of Georgia companies with substantial sales to customers outside of Georgia.
  • Property Tax - Taxes on real estate and tangible personal property are levied by the cities of Butler and Reynolds, Taylor County, and the Taylor County School District. The tax rates are set annually, but do not significantly change from year to year. All properties are assessed at 40% of fair market value. The effective tax rate represents total tax as a percentage of fair market value. The County will consider property tax abatement on a case by case basis.

Millage Rates

City of Butler 9.060
City of Reynolds 12.630
Taylor County – Incorporated 9.830
Taylor County – Unincorporated 7.940
Taylor County Schools 15.540
  • Sales Tax in Taylor County is 8%: 4% state, 4% local.